We provide economical alternatives to most manufactured wipers by offering top quality equivalents of popular name-brand products. 
 HYDROKNIT         SPUNLACE                DRC                 SCRIM         

AIRLAY                 POLISH CLOTHS          



HydroKnit Wipers or "hydroentangled" are very strong and absorbent and virtually lint-free.  They are known for their superior wet-strength.  This non-woven wiper most resembles cloth in durability and function.  They come in heavy, medium, and light weight varieties, and are usually white, red, or blue.  We carry them on jumbo rolls, quarter-folded packs, and wall-mountable pop-up boxes.


Spunlace is lint-free and works great in auto body shops as a surface prep wipe, or for cleaning machinery, etc.   Spunlace also works great for cleaning windows streak-free. The material is flexible and strong even when wet.   Usually stocked in blue, this wiper comes in smooth or creped versions 500 pieces per case.  It is also available in white and can be packed in pop-up boxes and jumbo rolls as well. 



DRC, or Double Re-Creped wipers are thick and absorbent. The outer layer is smooth and soft enough to be used on hands and face, and produces little lint unless the wiper is ripped. The inner layer is highly absorbent of solvents, oils, and lubricants. Available in blue and white, both are ideal for use in screenprinting, automotive applications, general maintenance, and health care. We currently offer heavy-weight blue DRC in 20 pound cases,  white quarter-folded heavy weight DRC, white heavy-weight pop-up boxes, and white medium-weight jumbo center-pull rolls.


Scrim-Reinforced wipes are 4 ply and reinforced with a grid of nylon threads.  They are an ideal economical alternative for any wiping job where the reinforced strength is necessary.  Scrim is low-lint and comes in flat or quarter-folded 900-count cases, and 50-lb bulk packed cases.



Airlay is the most inexpensive wiper available.  It is soft and very absorbent, and commonly used in healthcare and other applications where softness is necessary.  We have even seen this product used as packing material for shipping very delicate products.


Fine Polish Cloths come in two versions: the first is very soft and smooth while the other is slightly more coarse and has a heavier grain. Fine polish cloths can be used by makers of ceramic or metal parts, auto shops, and anywhere detail cleaning is required. Fine polish cloths are low-lint, but less costly than a clean-room wipe. Both come 1000 pieces per case.


Food Service Towels are multi-purpose wipes that are absorbent and durable. They are washable and can be reused. Ideal for wiping tables and counter tops, scrubbing stove tops, and wiping down pots. These food service towels usually come 150 or 200 per pack and are quarter folded. The most common size is 12 x 24 but they are available in many different sizes and come in a variety of colors.

 Elephant Paper is a jumbo roll of 2-ply tissue and is aptly named due to its size. Elephant paper is soft, low-lint, and very popular among auto body and sign making professionals.  The roll measures approximately 2 feet in diameter, 10 inches wide, and is approximately 1 mile long!  Elephant Paper comes 4 rolls to a sleeve, and is also available boxed by request.


Paper Towels and Tissues come in many varieties.  
Call us today and we will match something up to your needs.

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