Gloves, Trash Liners, & Other Related Products

While we specialize in wiping and spill containment products, we can supply you with almost any related product.  We have partnered with The Safety Zone and some other plastics and safety product manufacturers to expand our line of available products.  Below is a short list of stock items, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us today!

5 Mil Latex Powdered and Powder-Free
Bottle & Can Redemption Bags - All Sizes
Bouffant Caps
8 Mil Latex Powder-Free
High Density Clear & Black Bags - All Sizes
Boot Covers
14 Mil Blue High Risk Latex
Low Density Clear & Black Bags - All Sizes
Protective Hoods
18 Mil Flocklined Yellow Latex
Beard Covers
5 Mil Nitrile Powdered and Powder-Free
  Ear Plugs
8 Mil Nitrile Powder-Free
  Saftey Glasses
15 Mil Flocklined Nitrile (18 Mil available)
  Stretch Film/Pallet Wrap
12 Mil Unlined Nitrile (15 Mil Available)
  Plastic Packing Tape
5 Mil Vinyl Powdered and Powder-Free
  Rain Suits
Safety Orange PVC-Coated
 - 12" version and shorter safety-cuff version
  Canvas Drop Cloths - All Weights and Sizes - CUSTOM SIZES WELCOME!
Poly/Cotton String Knit
 - Plain, with PVC dots, or Latex or Nitrile Coatings
  Incredible Pink - Spray Bottles, Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails, and Large Drums
8 Oz Cotton Canvas Gloves
  First-Aid Kits
Cotton and Nylon Inspection Gloves
  Restroom products (Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Guest Towels, & More)
Leather Work Gloves - Many Varieties

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