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COMPRESSED PACKS                                       BALES & CARDBOARD BOXES
All of our wiping cloths can be packed in convenient 
compressed plastic packs.

1-LB Bags
3-LB, 4-LB, and 5-LB Packs
8-LB, 9-LB, and 10-LB Packs
20-LB and 25-LB Packs
40-LB, 45-LB, and 50-LB Packs

25-LB Packs - 1500 LBS/Pallet!


What are the benefits of compressed packs?

* Keeps product clean and dry

* Avoid filling dumpsters with cardboard boxes!

* Compact storage for service vehicles - 5 lb packs fit under or behind seats

* Easy to distribute at work sites.

* Net weight packing!  Cardboard is heavy - get more rags for your money!  

* Better for retailing - fits on shelves and showcases product so your customers know what they are getting.

* Custom labeling for retailers makes the product "jump" off the shelf and helps you advertise!  


If you prefer boxes, consider compressed boxes to save money on freight.  As shown here, we can fit 40 of our compressed 50-lb boxes on one pallet!

4-LB, 5-LB, 8-LB, & 10-LB
Compressed & Standard Boxes
20-LB, 25-LB, 40-LB, 45-LB & 50-LB
Compressed & Standard Boxes
From 100-LB up to 1,000-LB Bales
(custom sizes available)

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