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Sorbent Pads
Great for clean-up and maintenance in shops, factories, and job sites.
  Gray Universal and Yellow Hazmat sorbent producst are great for water and most other fluids.  White Oil-only sorbent products are specifically designed to repel water and to seek out and trap oil-based fluids, even absorbing oil spills in water. 

Pads come in three different weights and in 100-count and 200-count bales.

Sorbent Rolls and folded mats come with easy-to-use perforations for convenient sizing to suit your needs!




Sorbent Socks are used to absorb and contain spills and spray around machines or drums. Socks act like a dike and prevent spills from spreading. These products are available in several varieties including a specialized hazmat sock.

Spill-Containing Booms can be linked together by their built-in stainless steel connectors in order to create any customizable size you need. They can be used to contain spills in shops or on the job, and work great to  contain spills in rivers, marinas, and ponds.


Sorbant Pillows
are used to
absorb large amounts of fluid where a pad isn't sufficient, or won't fit. Pillows can be used on land and water.

Absorbent Rugs
are made with recycled textiles and work absorb oil and other fluids in your
workspace to help protect floors and keep slipping hazards to a minimum.



Spill Kits  

Completely customizable Zipper Bag Trucker Spill Kits & 5 Gallon  Bucket Spill Kits



Rolling Spill Kit Kaddie is ideal for responding to an unexpected spill of just about any type of spill.

Kit Contents:
100 Pads (11" x 13")
6 Socks (3" x 4')
4 Pillows (8" x 18")
3 Disposal Bags w/ Ties
1 Pair Goggles
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 Epoxy Stick
1 Emergency Response Guidebook

Wall Mounted Chemical/Solvent Kit mounts to the wall where it is highly visible, yet it is also portable enough to take along to job sites, or for removal from the wall to respond to a spill. Kit will solidify caustic spills and absorbs organic solvents.

Kit Contents:
1 Wall Mount Cabinet, 5 Absorbent Pads (15” x 19”), 1 Sock (3” x 4’),
1 Shaker Acid Neutralizers, 1 Shaker Base Neutralizers, 1 Shaker Solvent Neutralizer, 1 Scoop, 1 pr Goggles, 2 Disposal Bags & Ties, 2 pr Gloves


Marine Spill Kit allows you to respond quickly to oil and fuel spills on water, helping you to avoid costly fines and prevent unnecessary damage to the environment.

Kit Contents:
65 Gallon Overpack, 75 Oil Only Pads 15” x 19”, 4 Booms 5” x 10’,
4 Pillows 18” x 24”, 3 Disposal Bags with Ties

Dock Box Spill Kit with even more clean-up power than the Marine Spill Kit, the Dock Box Spill Kit absorbs up to 86 gallons of an oil or fuel spill and contains everything you need to respond quickly and safely to a spill.

Kit Contents:
1 dock box, 100 Pads (15" x 19"), 4 booms (5" x 10'), 4 Pillows (18" x 18"), 1 bag Absorbent-W granular (10 lbs.), 1 brick of rags (5 lbs.), 1 folding shovel, 5 Disposal Bags w/ Ties, 1 Pair Goggles, 2 Pair Nitrile Gloves, 1 Emergency Response Guide Book

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